Baby Shower Planning


A baby shower is a simple but also an important event that first-time mommies should experience before they give birth. Since it is meant to be a memorable event, it should be well planned and organized. In order to achieve this, there are important tips that the ones planning for the event can note so as to deliver a wonderful shower. As a first step, the shower planner should have an interview with the client in order to determine their preference and also share with them ideas on how to make the party a success. Some f the critical things that should be finalized includes the venue, theme and the schedule.
In cases where the clients are not yet decided on the theme for the party, the planner might show them some o the pictures of parties which had been held previously and use them as examples. In coming up with the schedule, the most ideal days are normally weekends, 2 to 4 weeks before the expected date of birth. It is also critical for the baby shower planner to know the number of invited guests so that they can help the client choose on a suitable venue and also make an early booking. 

When the preferences of the client have been finalized, the planner should then focus on processing the invitations with baby shower invitation wording which should ideally be sent 5 to 6 weeks before the scheduled date. In coming up with the invitation, it should include the date, time, and the venue in which the event will be occurring. It should also clearly indicate that it is a baby shower party and the design should be related to the theme of the event. After this has been done, the planner can give attention to other details, such as decorations, foods, activities, and party gifts.

 It's always good to start planning with food in the baby shower checklist because when food is given priority, its budget will help to determine how much is to be spent on other expenses for the party. Concerning decorations, the plan should ensure creativity in making use of the several baby stuffs such as baby pillows, alphabet blocks, crib and extra large safety pins as d?cor. Other decorations that can be used are colorful balloons and rainbows that should be arranged according to the theme of the party. The planner should also focus on the getting the technical aspects of the party right such as sounds and lightings.

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