Tips to Plan the Best Baby Showers


You need to know how to plan a baby shower by learning what it takes to pull off the ideal party. The role of baby shower hostess has changed and anyone can attend from the mother of the mom-to-be, friends, spouses and relatives. There are some party-planning basics you will need to note if you are to throw a great party. The first thing you need to do is set a date and time in the invitation wording. The mom-to-be has to be consulted for this but most of the showers are held when the expectant mother is at 7 months. This is the best time because she is both safe into the pregnancy and still comfortable. This is also gives time for the couple to see and organize the gifts so that they know what they will need to buy for the baby.

The next thing you need to do is determine the guest list as well as the budget. The expectant mother should supply you with this list as well as their addresses.  Once you have the guest list, you can start budgeting on the food and see what you can actually afford per person. Choose a venue by considering the time of the year, the guests you will be inviting and lastly, the budget. If you want to save money on space, you can host the baby shower in the backyard or house. 

If you will be having more guests, you will have to go with a bigger budget. You might have to choose a hotel or a restaurant where you will be catered for and cleaned after by the staff at the hotel. You can even do the party in a park but you will need a permit and ensure that there is a backup plan especially if it might rain.

The next step is sending out invitations and make sure that you do this early. This way you will give the guests enough time for them to reserve the date and get gifts for the party with jungle theme baby shower. If the guests will not mind and the party is more casual, you can email the invitation but if it is more formal, you will have to send out paper invites. The menu and d?cor is the next step and these need to be ready at least a couple of weeks before the event. You can the items that are not perishable then the flowers can be bought on the day before the event.